The Flatmate: Kohei


Just getting off the train at Zürich HB and waiting for Tram 10/14.

Exactly one year ago, I landed in Zürich, Switzerland. And the first person that I met was my flatmate Kohei! If you read my first post on this blog, you’d know that I arrived early in the morning. Around 7:00, I tentatively pressed the doorbell of Bülachhof 12 and waited in the cool February chill. A bleary-eyed student eventually emerged from behind one of the locked doors and graciously let me in. With formal introductions aside, I immediately took a liking to my roommate. It turns out that he had visited Canada before and even attended Waterloo for a short while. Obviously his physics skills were world-renowned. However, it was his kindness and helpfulness that stood out. He had already been on exchange for a semester prior to my arrival. He learned the ropes, so to speak, and passed on his local knowledge. I’d say, without him, I’d probably still be a bumbling fool trying to find the tram stop in Switzerland.

After guiding me through the transportation, insurance, and academic sphere of my exchange, Kohei and I often caught up in casual conversations in the hallway. He ran on a very different schedule than me and we only crossed paths between classes or late in the evening. It was always nice hearing about his experiences in the land of chocolates and mountains, but also his home in Japan. Later on during our exchange, the rest of our building learned that Kohei is actually quite a bit younger than the rest of us. Only to prove that he really is the smartest of us all.

Other than being a good friend and mentor, Kohei is a great cook. I never had a chance to eat his dishes, but I’ve heard great things from his group of friends. Since he already had a stockpile of Asian sauces and spices, he’d often let the rest of us roommates use some for our own meals. Just a little taste of home, I guess. Whenever he was in the kitchen, the flat automatically filled with mouth-watering aromas. Already inviting myself over Chez Kohei for next meal.


Can 100% confirm that he makes 100% better meals than me.

It’s really a shame that I didn’t get to hang out with him outside of the flat. In those hallway conversations, I know that Kohei worked hard academically and didn’t get to travel as much. We talked about Granada, Spain as an option over the break, but I eventually left for Italy and he had research papers to write. Once the school semester ended in late spring, I was adamant in getting him out of the flat. On a hot summer-like day, I finally convinced him to join me by the lake for a quick swim. Even though the iPhone 7+ is advertised to be waterproof, I was still scared of dropping my phone, hence the less-than-perfect photos. This also means that, HI KOHEI, COME VISIT SOON!


He finally found some time to relax with his clueless roommate!

Now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed him through this post, I just want to say a quick thank you again for helping me out through those four/five months in Zürich. It was such a pleasure getting to know you and your crazy theoretical quantum physics mathematics (honestly, I’m still not sure what you study). I’m sure we’ll cross paths in the future, either for your academic endeavours or my travel plans spanning into Japan. Until then, you know where to find me!