A Thankful Interlude


One of my favourite shots during my exchange. Taken somewhere along the Maltese habours in April.

This may fall upon deaf ears, but sometimes you need to sit down and really appreciate all that life has given you thus far. I was looking through my travel photos the other day and words could not describe how thankful I was for all of the amazing experiences I had over the past couple of years. Those moments captured, even for a split second, of sunset by the ocean or silly candid among friends; all accumulate into the person you are today. Sure you may sound like a pretentious prick when you compare one experience to another, but you’d rather be honest in what you’ve been through that sitting in the back seat while others spew out nonsense.

I had originally planned on posting about Rheinfalls or maybe the next segment of logistics. Heck, I should probably be writing about the amazing people I met during my trips. God only knows how mushy I’ll be when talking about the Bülachhof crowd or my classmates at ETH. No, this post is going to be short and sweet. Just about appreciating the present. It might be a coincidence that it lands on the American Thanksgiving too! Can’t help it when Canada’s pants are filled you turkey-gobbling tendencies for 24 hours.

So I leave you with a famous quote that got me through the past couple of years.

Just keep swimming.

If you know who said it first, then comment below! It’s quite obvious, but fun to play along. Can’t wait to see what the next couple of years will have in store for me. Perhaps Argentina or Australia? Let me know below where I should go in August 2018!

Adventure Is Out There!


Views from the top of Grossmünster on a beautiful summer’s day in Zürich.

Some would say that I dodged a bullet. I’d say that I bit it.

There is never a better time to write about your experiences than six months after the fact. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20 vision. In all honesty, I thought about keeping a journal throughout my travels, but seeing that many of my counterparts fade into oblivion in a mixture of school, travel, and “discovering yourself”, I simply couldn’t put that kind of stress on my readers. So welcome to my humble adventures, six months late, but here nonetheless.

Is there a point to recollect my hazy memories of romanticized Europe and all of its glory? My answer is yes. I have a knack for recalling even the faintest of events (i.e., my neighbour’s impeccable rendition of “Let It Go” during a heated trade in a game of Catan). I also have the photos to prove it – photos of my adventures, not the karaoke version of Disney songs. So here I am, sitting in my cozy home, across the ocean from the topic of my choice. I hope you’ll stay and read, but I also hope you’ll stay and learn. Cheers to adventures told and to be told!

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